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Visualization allows researchers to create graphical representations from the results of their computations and simulations. Visualization assists the researcher in developing a deeper understanding of their data and provides new insights through human's powerful visual system. To achieve this goal, visualization utilizes computer graphics, image processing, signal processing, user-interface methodology and system design.

Research Computing is home to the University of Arizona's Laboratory for Immersive Visualization Environments (AZ-LIVE). The lab serves traditional scientific disciplines such as Chemistry, Mathematics, Engineering and other areas such as Psychology and Archaeology. AZ-LIVE is a space where university researchers, faculty and students are immersed in interactive, 3D, stereo, computer-generated worlds. The combination of 3D computer graphics, stereoscopic projection technology, acoustical tracking devices and four-channel audio creates the illusion of being present in a virtual world.

The environment utilizes a multi-processor high performance computing workstation cluster capable of handling and displaying large datasets. The advanced projection and tracking system, along with the computing technology in AZ-LIVE, combine to create an environment in which a wide range of applications, models and virtual worlds can be displayed and navigated interactively.




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