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The University of Arizona's High Performance Computing (HPC) and High Throughput Computing (HTC) environment is a mix of HPC/HTC resources including shared memory, distributed memory and high throughput computer systems and a high capacity storage system. These systems are designed to grow with the campus needs. The base systems are purchased and supported with central funding.

Benefits to Buy-In

Research groups can 'Buy-In' (add resources such as processors, memory, storage, etc.) to the base HPC/HTC systems as funding becomes available. Buy-In research groups will have highest priority on the resources they add to the system.

The Buy-In option allows research groups to take advantage of central machine room space, operations and administration of the computing systems while maintaining highest priority access for the resources they purchase.

An additional benefit to Buy-In research group members is that expansion resources, are integrated into the base systems, and can be used in conjunction with base resources to address computational projects that would be beyond the capacity of the group resources if they were configured as an independent system.

The University research computing community benefits from expansions to the base systems by having additional computing resources available. If the expansion resources are not fully utilized by the Buy-In group they will be made available to all users. The joint operation of base and Buy-In resources is designed to maintain economical and full use of all HPC/HTC resources.

Detailed information and estimates for Buy-In costs can be obtained by contacting HPC Consulting at

Assistance with Buy-In

UITS Research Computing will assist research groups in configuring Buy-In resources and options to meet the specific requirements of the group.  Detailed cost quotes will be requested from the appropriate vendors.  Buy-In resource configurations will be approved and funded by the Buy-In group and ordered, installed, administered and maintained by UITS staff.  See, 'Faculty Resources' > 'Grant Information' for details.




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