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UA Research Data Center
UA Research Data Center


The new University of Arizona Research Data Center (RDC) is a state-of-the-art computer storage hub that triples the university's previous capacity to host centralized large computer clusters. Scientific research, particularly the kind done at the university, relies upon HPC/HTC capacity to hold and analyze the multitude of data collected during research. These services are open to any faculty, researcher or student who has a use for HPC/HTC systems.

Computer System Types

  1. Shared Memory - High Performance Computing (HPC) systems enable users to run a single instance of parallel software over many processors.
  2. Distributed Memory - Distributed memory refers to multiple-processor computer systems in which each processor has access to its own dedicated memory. 
  3. High Throughput - HighThroughput Computing (HTC) serial systems are more suited to running multiple inde