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Grant Information
Grant Information


The model for expanding the University of Arizona's HPC/HTC systems is premised on faculty and principal investigators (PIs) using equipment purchased from grants or other available funds to purchase computer 'nodes' to be added to the HPC/HTC systems. For the cost of this investment in the computing nodes, the faculty member/PI gains access to a professionally-administered high performance computing system, with no additional operating costs and significant associated infrastructure (e.g. a high performance storage system and connections to high bandwidth research networks).

Buy-in PI research groups have access to computing resource allocations equivalent to the nodes purchased with their funds (access guaranteed within 24 hours), and have the opportunity to access idle resources not in use by others, furnishing the Buy-in research groups with much greater and more flexible computing resources than could have been purchased in a lab-specific cluster.

UITS Research Computing Assistance 

UITS Research Computing is available to assist researchers in the development of grants which will require or add to centrally supported computational research resources.

  • Consultation on novel ideas for computational research.
  • Collaboration on grants with suitable in-house expertise.
  • Letters of support for grants (please forward a description of the project and provide three (3) business days advance notice).

Grant Proposal Resources

General grant-writing support is available through the Office of Vice President for Research. The following information explains the HPC/HTC program in more detail, providing information about participating in the program, scheduling policies, operational procedures, and instructions for including HPC/HTC in grant proposals.

Including HPC/HTC in Grant Proposals

Program Benefits to Researchers and Campus




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