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Software Applications Installed on HPC/HTC Systems
Software Applications Installed on HPC/HTC Systems


By default all of the installed software is not directly available at the command prompt. There are a large number of software applications, libraries, tools, and compilers installed on the HPC/HTC systems.  Some of the installations require environment settings that are incompatible with other installations.  On the UA HPC/HTC 'Environment Modules' (simply modules - http://modules.sourceforge.net/ ) are used to activate (load) software required by the user.  The module commands allow the user to load/unload software, and the modules packages modify the user environment variables necessary to run the software.

The modules package is used to customize user environment settings. It allows the user to control what versions of a software package will be used when the user compiles or runs a program in their current login session or batch job.
Software Available on UA HPC/HTC
For a current list of all software available on the UA HPC/HTC systems login to login.hpc.arizona.edu using an SSH v2 Client and enter the command "module avail" at the command prompt.
Software Install Request
To submit a request to have software installed on the UA HPC/HTC systems use the HPC Software Install Request form: http://uits.arizona.edu/forms/hpc-software-install-request
Summary of Basic Module Commands

For a current list of all available modules (software) installed on a UA HPC/HTC system use the command

module avail

Basic help on each module

module help <insert module name>

Display details for each module

module display <insert module name>

To set your shell to use the default Intel compilers

module load intel

For additional information
man module

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