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Sample Visualization Projects
Sample Visualization Projects

Visualization Sample Projects

Fly-over Tour of Ancient Roman Spa at Mezzomiglio, Chianciano Terme, Italy

With the help of the community of Chianciano Terme, the University of Arizona initiated excavation of an archaeological zone in the locality of central Chianciano known as Mezzomiglio in 1995. The excavation revealed a group of significant structures which date to two distinct periods: Late Etruscan and early Roman Imperial. (David Soren, Regents Professor, Ph.D., College of Social & Behavioral Sciences, School of Anthropology)

  • Click on the image to launch a brief video which is a 3D reconstruction of the region and structures.

Chianciano Terme fly-over

Bone and Nerve Fibers Surrounding a Fracture and a Tumor

These renderings were done for the Department of Pharmacology in the UA College of Medicine. (Research and CT images by Will Mantyh, Professor of Pharmacology and Patrick Mantyh, Professor of Pharmacology)

  • Click on the left illustration to obtain an enlarged view of the nerve fibers surrounding a fractured bone.
  • Click on the right illustration to obtain an enlarged view that shows the nerve fibers surrounding a cancerous tumor.

 Fractured BoneCancer Bone

A New Growing Media for Greenhouse Tomatoes

These visualizations were created for the departments of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering (ABE) and Soil, Water, and Environmental Sciences (SWES).  (Doctoral dissertation, Jose C. Chen Lopez)

  • Click on the left and right illustrations to view the plexybox, foamed glass aggregate, rockwell cubes, transducer tensiometers, and foamed glass blocks designed to optimize yields of greenhouse tomatoes.

Plexy Box TomatoesSliced Plexy Box

Rendering of Sabino High School

This render uses 10 meter USGS SDTS digital elevation data and aerial photographs. This is using a newer version of the volumetric butt and lighting algorithm used in the movie below.

  • Click on the render to get an enlarged view.

Sabino High School

Fly-over of Catalina Mountains, Tucson, Arizona

This is a morning drive along the location of Sunrise/Skyline Drives. This is an initial test of a new volumetric butts and lighting algorithm. The landscape is created with 10 meter USGS SDTS data. Work is being done on making this into a real-time, interactive virtual reality environment.

  • Click on the image to launch a brief video of the fly-over (less than 1 minute).

Catalina mountain flyby

Three-Dimensional Source Distribution

The plot is of a three dimensional source distribution for a supersonic passenger airliner. Also seen is the N-wave created on the ground from the distribution. Note: the height scale is set only for the N-wave. (Research by Gene Bergmeier and Steve Crow; Visualization created using IBM Data Explorer)

  • Click on the image to enlarge.

3-D source distribution

Moisture Distribution During Purging of a Vertical Thermal Reactor

(Research by Nishith Verma and Farhang Shadman, Ph.D. ; Regents Professor, College of Optical Sciences. Visualizations created using Spyglass and SGI image tools)

  • Click on animation 1 to view the concentration during the wafer introduction stage.
  • Click on animation 2 to see the depiction of the furnace stabilization stage.

Moisture distribution Moisture distribution - furnace stabilization

Fly-over of Digital Elevation Map, Phantom Ranch, Arizona

The Phantom Ranch area is very popular with hikers in the Grand Canyon. (Visualization created with USGS DEM data and VistaPro 2.0)

  • Click on the image to engage in a visualization fly through of a computer generated landscape (less than 1 minute).

Phantom Ranch

Hurricane Andrew

Pseudocoloring is used to show rainfall amounts. (Visualization created using IBM Data Explorer)

  • Click on image to launch a time lapse animation of hurricane Andrew as it travels across Florida.

Hurricane Andrew

Volume Renderings of Confocal Microscope Data

Several types of volume rendering techniques used on data collected from the Department of Neurobiology's Biorad confocal microscope. (Visualizations created using IBM Data Explorer)

  • Click on images to enlarge.

Volume Rendering 1 Volume Rendering 2Volume rendering MPG

Two-Dimensional Model of Electrical Waves in the Heart

Visualizations of reaction-diffusion type equations describing the propagation of electrical activity in the heart. (Research by Marc Courtemanche and Arthur T. Winfree; Ph.D., Regents Professor, Visualizations created using custom code and Iris GL)

  • Click on left and right images to launch brief video.

2-Dimensional model 2-Dimensional heart model

Making of a Giant, Lightweight, Honeycomb Mirror

Melting, molding and spinning of borosilicate glass in Steward Observatory's specially designed rotating oven. The mirror will be used in new generations of optical and infrared telescopes. (Image processing and pseudocoloring by Mark McCaughrean)

  • Click on left and right images to launch brief videos.

Mirror Lab UA Mirror Lab