Visualization Facilities and Equipment
Visualization Facilities and Equipment

SVIS (Scientific Visualization and Imaging System)

The imaging and microscopy community on campus has provided campus researchers with a high-end workstation and software that can handle the very large data sets being collected in the core imaging facilities across campus. The system is designed to provide enhanced capabilities for 3D isosurface reconstruction, object tracking, filament tracing, rendering and analysis of imaging data sets. The system is supported by the Scientific Visualization team in UITS Research Computing Support and is located in the Computer Center room 128. 

Computing system specifications:

  • Dual 6 core Intel Xeon E5-2643 3.5 GHz processors
  • 256 GB DDR3 system RAM
  • AMD Firepro W7000 video card
  • 4 GB texture memory 
  • 24" ASUS® ProArt PA248Q Wide LED Monitor

Visualization and imaging software includes (but is not limited to):

AZ-LIVE (Arizona Laboratory for Immersive Visualization Environments)

The primary resource of our Visualization service is the AZ-LIVE facility. AZ-LIVE utilizes 2 high-end workstations with NVidia Quadro graphics cards which provide an immersive virtual reality experience for interactively exploring scientific data. AZ-LIVE is located in Room 307 of the Computer Center building on the southeast corner of Speedway and Mountain.