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Research Computing Center Opens with Sneak Peek Event
University of Arizona Research Data Center Sneak Peek from UofA UITS Web on Vimeo. University of Arizona campus and research leadership recently attended a sneak peek event for the new Research Data Center in the Computer Center on Highland Avenue. UA President Eugene Sander was among the attendees who visited the state-of-the art facility,...
Welcome to the University of Arizona’s New Research Data Center
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Life Sciences Researchers use Supercomputing (HPC) Resources
When Life Sciences Researchers have a large research project to analyze, they turn to University of Arizona High Performance Computing resources. Susan Miller, Manager of Scientific Data Analysis for the Arizona Research Labs Biotechnology Computing Facility group, is just one of the many faculty and staff that have utilized HPC (High...
School of Plant Sciences Utilizes Statistical Consulting
You say tomato, I say to tomahto. Research on this pulpy edible fruit, also known as Solanum lycopersicum, is the topic of research for Mark Kroggel, research specialist for the School of Plant Sciences. Kroggel, has been utilizing Research Computing Support (RCS) Statistical Consulting services as a resource to create predictive models about...
Psychology Department is Using AZ-LIVE for Spider-Fearful and Spider Phobia
Spiders—the word alone can trigger automatic anxiety in some people. Arachnophobia is one of the most common phobias with reactions ranging from mild (spider fearful) to severe (phobia). Sarah Burger, a graduate student with the College of Psychology, working under the direction of her advisor, W. Jake Jacobs, Ph.D., is using the Arizona...
This year, the University’s HPC system, or High Performance Computing, will be moving to the Computer Center.  The HPC-TRAC, which stands for “High Performance Computing Technology Refresh Advisory Committee” has decided to build a new housing facility for a HPC in the lower level of the Computer Center. This new HPC setup will not only have...